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Platinumglobalfx API (in Beta)

About Platinumglobalfx API

Find winning strategies using traders' trading information in aggregate or individually.

Generating alpha from the market is a difficult business. Each market day sees existing alpha erode whilst new alpha arrives. Traders strive day in day out to tap the markets for this elusive phenomenon; some perish, whilst some survive.

Of those who do survive, some will have had luck on their side, the others: talent.

Talent by definition is uncorrelated with any asset class in existence, but strongly correlated with:

  • skill,
  • intelligence,
  • grit,
  • domain knowledge,
  • and work ethic.

What if you could trade talent as a market instrument?

What if you could:

  • Plot, visualize and technically analyse its behaviour on a chart: chart
  • Buy and sell it as it ebbs and flows through the market.
  • Set stop losses and take profits on talent normalized to a monthly target VaR within the range of 3.25-6.5%, as opposed to taking on direct market risk via instruments at the mercy of exogenous, alpha-crippling factors.
  • Tradable talent by definition de-noises market data, thereby enhancing any residual alpha. Leverage this and apply any manner of data analysis and analytical modeling techniques powered by machine learning, that are otherwise difficult to employ over mainstream, noisy market datasets.
  • Backtest and deploy an asset or portfolio trading strategy over talent just like in any other asset class.
  • Create fully automated, algorithmic trading strategies / trading robots, build statistical indicators, analyse underlying markets vs the talent attacking them for alpha, and more. The possibilities are limitless.
  • Leverage our proprietary analytical toolkit and/or extend it with your own data-driven creations by downloading Quote and Investment Attribute histories, slicing and dicing the dataset for talent-driven alpha.
  • ... and much more.

Platinumglobalfxex makes all of the above possible and more, via the Platinumglobalfx API Suite - your algorithmic entry point to the Platinumglobalfx Universe.

Platinumglobalfx API Suite (in Beta)

It is composed of the following 5 APIs:

  • Platinumglobalfx Info API - access the entire universe of Platinumglobalfx quotes and scores
  • Platinumglobalfx Trading API - Buy/Sell Platinumglobalfxs, set conditional SLs and TPs
  • Investor Accounts API - Monitor the evolution of your positions in real-time
  • Platinumglobalfx Quotes API - Stream tick-level Platinumglobalfx quotes in real-time.
  • Quote Web Socket API - Subscribe to real-time Platinumglobalfx quotes via Web Sockets.

The Platinumglobalfx API makes everything from conducting analysis and crafting strategies to developing Platinumglobalfx trading applications and even full-fledged platforms a reality.

Your only limitation is your very own imagination... the possibilities are endless!